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Health In Motion

A Malawi based non-profit building a sustainable network of care for the prevention and relief of restrictions found in daily movement patterns. This is done by educating and supporting those at risk or affected. Transforming life through movement; in rural communities. Relieving pain, Restoring dignity. Program Countries: Malawi FGC # F676 Team Lead: Christa Roby Team Members: Website: www.healthinmotionafrica.com Social Media: Facebook Instagram Donate from USA: Click here for the Canadian Donor Page Return To Projects Directory

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Camp C-Quest

FGC has numerous and diverse projects that are impacting lives in many countries around the world. We are pleased to highlight the work of C-Quest, a non-denominational ministry located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Progreso, Mexico. Their focus is on sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with the people of Mexico, and Central America, while hosting and “discipling” our short-term mission team members.  Their CampQuest program is designed to train and equip churches to run day-camps for kids where they can have fun and learn about Jesus.  They provide churches with all the equipment, training and follow-up materials they [...]

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No Credit Card Fee Donation Day

FGC is excited to have the opportunity to provide a No Credit Card Fee Donation Day on April 9, 2019! This means donations made using Credit Cards to any of our projects on April 9, 2019 from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM Eastern Time will have the 2.5% credit card fee credited back to the project – in other words they will be processed the same as cash donations. It’s EASY to GIVE ONLINE, so take advantage of this special one-day campaign that benefits the Ministries, Individuals and Projects of FGC. We have over 350 projects to choose from, search for one you know by name or search for [...]

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Evangelical Church of Liberia

Evangelical Church of Liberia (ECOL) Providing salary subsidy for Teachers, supplies for the Medical Team and salary for a Pastor: ECOL began as an amalgamation of churches that SIM missionaries had planted. Today, in addition to having 112 churches they have nine Christian schools with 74 teachers and about 950 students. Salary Subsidy: Until the summer of 2018, many of the school teachers were earning as little as $20 US per month with zero income for July & August. The salary subsidy program has helped, but more is needed. The above photo shows students from one of the schools [...]

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Kuwasha International Development Society

Kuwasha means to spark or ignite. Our goal is to partner with organizations in Uganda to ignite transformational change through quality Christian education, healthcare, and community development. Program Countries: Africa FGC # F668 Team Lead: Jeff Dyck Team Members: Shannon Dyck Scott Werdel Website: Social Media: Facebook Instagram Donate from USA: Return To Projects Directory

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World Wide Life Humanitarian

World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society has been working to promote the Christian faith and to combat extreme poverty and human trafficking through prevention methods such as caring for and educating marginalized peoples. While they focus on the Northern Thai Mountain populations, particularly Hill Tribe youth, they are involved in a variety of ministry and outreach opportunities. Current projects include Life Line Youth Development Centre with mentoring and family care for Hill Tribe girls, Prayer and Healing Ministry at Chiang Rai Hospitals, ESL education at churches and schools, outreaches to Hill Tribe Schools and villages education, along with [...]

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5N2 Network

5N2 Network represents a group of community builders and activists from around the World. Currently we are working with a variety of formal and community-based organizations in SE Asia, Africa and Latin America. Each of them is focused on the extreme poor or otherwise vulnerable communities. Their development goals range broadly – from health and agriculture, to fair trade, social justice and entrepreneurship. What we all share, is an appreciation for the values of “endogenous development”- community transformation from the “inside-out.” Our Philosophy We believe the most effective and sustainable development outcomes happen when the vision, ideas, assets and [...]

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Klassen Missions

The Klassen's will be serving in a low-German speaking Mennonite community in Mexico, John and Eva will be overseeing a deacon ministry and John will be taking on assistant pastor duties. Program Countries: Mexico FGC # F661 Team Lead: John and Eva Klassen Team Members: > Website: > Social Media: > Donate from USA: Click here for Canadian Donor Page Return To Projects Directory

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DNA – Poland

DNA Poland plants house churches in different cities in Poland. Their main focus is multiplying disciples and training leaders who can start house churches in new places. Program Countries: Poland FGC # F614 Team Lead: Lukasz Dudek Team Members: Andrzej Hawro Magdalena Stanna Website: https://www.welife.com/ Social Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=FpOAKZ4K7S0 Donate from USA: Return To Projects Directory

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TEASPOON MINISTRY is a charitable organization established in the Joliette region of Quebec with the aim of promoting a popular education toward individual development and community social development. Sunday evenings, a free meal of soup and a sandwich is offered to the poor in the community. During the evening, musical, theatrical or other artistic performances are presented. Well-selected speakers communicate essential values of human life, and Christian values and the spiritual aspect is emphasized. Mentors work with individuals to assist in their personal life journey. They also work with the prison to help reintegrate those returning to the community, or [...]