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Love New Canadians

Love New Canadians is a ministry that equips local churches to serve new Canadians in their neighbourhoods.  We help churches develop pathways to Jesus for immigrants through a three stage process.  Churches help immigrants move along a pathway from stage 1 (settlement programming, such as ESL classes, job search training, citizenship classes, etc.) to stage 2 (a gentle introduction to the gospel in which students study Canadian culture, English language, and the life and teaching of Jesus) and then to stage 3 (ESL Bible studies, Alpha, worship services, etc.). Program Countries: Canada FGC # F767 Team Lead: Rick [...]

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Our mission is to establish and plant new churches among the unreached peoples, mostly in Muslim countries. We are supporting them and helping them to grow. We are using the means of media (TV, the internet, social media, radio and literature) to reach several language groups in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. We work with partners—individuals and other Christian organizations. Avainmedia (Avainmedia Lähetysjärjestö ry) was founded in Helsinki in 1955. Avainmedia is affiliated with the Finnish Pentecostal movement. Program Countries: Europe, Middle East and North Africa FGC # F762 Team Lead: Niilo Närhi Team Members: [...]


Amazing Grace Missions

Amazing Grace Misssions (AGM) was originally started in January 2012 in the elementary school in Colonia Majisterio by Sylvia Julieta Bernal Rodriguez and Stanley Woodward, as a result of being asked to do a 6-week course in family values with a number of mothers in the area. This eventually led to the formation of a mission effort to provide food, clothing, medical assistance, vocational training, English classes, spiritual support, and much more.  AGM has grown steadily to the present time and is located at Parque de Villar in Bosques de Progreso. AGM is committed to supporting the families [...]

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One Heart

One Heart advocates and fights for vulnerable babies who have fallen through the cracks and who would otherwise end up abandoned. We will fight for their best physical, emotional, and spiritual future. The job ahead to see this change requires passion and knowledge of many things: orphan care, adoption, trauma, attachment/growth and development; as well as leadership skills and basic administrative know how.  One Heart will open an orphanage as a safe refuge and loving home for Taiwan’s most vulnerable children, including (but not limited to) babies who have been abused, neglected, or born with a medical condition. [...]

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Serve To Empower Africa

Serve to Empower Africa is a faith-based ministry that operates in Kenya (Africa). There are many families whose ability to afford even the most basic life sustaining goods and services is below the known bare minimum levels.  Serve to Empower Africa’s vision is to enable families encounter God’s love and care by participating in providing a foundation on which they can grow and thrive. Such a foundation is built around potentials and opportunities available to the family and working towards converting them into life sustaining avenues that improves the well-being of the family both physically and spiritually.  We [...]

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Heather Askew

Heather is the co-founder and co-director of Jojo’s Sanctuary, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jojo’s Sanctuary aims to prevent human trafficking by educating, protecting and empowering vulnerable children, families and communities in Northern Thailand. Prior to starting Jojo’s Sanctuary in 2016, Heather worked as a case manager with HUG Project, helping child victims of human trafficking or sexual abuse. She first moved to Thailand in 2011 to work as a project coordinator with Taw Saeng, an after school program for vulnerable children. Program Countries: Thailand FGC # F750 Team Lead: Heather Askew Website: www.jojosthailand.org Social Media: Facebook Instagram [...]

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Max and Lischa Woodley

Max and Lischa are serving in a rural area near the rapidly developing city of Gemena, in the North-West section of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This area is considered one of the poorest regions in the world.  It is steeped in extreme poverty along with having a high infant and maternal mortality rate. Congo is home to over 4 million orphans. Lischa and Max are partnered with a domestic NGO: FOSASA – which works along side different international NGOs (ie: Congo Voice, Opportunity International).  All of these NGOs aim to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in the [...]

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Acts Global

The Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS) is a missional community and movement based out of Colorado Springs, USA that exists to equip and send 10,000 young pioneering leaders to finish the task of world evangelization, make disciples, and sing back the King. ACTS exists to train and send young pioneers to make disciples amongst the unreached through worship and prayer and tireless church planting. ACTS Vision: To finish the task of world evangelization in our generation. Program Countries: Global FGC # F592 Team Lead: Brenna Wichhart Team Members: Joel Froese Zoe Neufeld Rachel Froese Website: https://acts.global/ Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/ACTSglobal/ [...]

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Valiant Society

Valiant Society exits to promote the gospel through the media; Maralee Dawn & Friends children’s programming | Passionate Women’s television shows | Missions Support | Interactive Bible Project. Program Countries: Canada FGC # F746 Team Lead: Maralee Dawn Team Members: David Caouette Anne McIntyre Hilde Stevenson Website: maraleedawnministries.com Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Donate from USA: Click here for Canadian Donor Page Return To Projects Directory

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Jessica Stregger

I believe that God has called me to teach people in areas like administration, bookkeeping and using software in a ministry setting. My desire is to help fill gaps in these areas for ministries both in Canada and around the world. My goal is to train others how to do the jobs I do, ultimately working myself out of a job everywhere I go. I have seen that, in ministry, many people struggle when dealing with administrative and technological tasks related to their ministries, and that as the national church grows there is also a great need for [...]

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