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Association of Christian Camps and Conference Centers

Christian Camping International Ukraine, a.k.a. the Association of Christian Camps and Conference Centers, exists to help build the Church by being a network maximizing ministry of Christian camps and camp leaders by facilitating networking activities, camp program development, staff sourcing and staff training, consulting, innovations, legal support and prayer. In operation since 1996, we serve over 500 Christian camps in 6 countries of the former Soviet Union attended by close to 90,000 campers ministered to by close to 10,000 staff annually. Program Countries: Ukraine GCF # 713 Team Lead: Vladimir Shevchenko Team Members: Oleksii Skurikhin, Pavlo Bakum, Oksana [...]

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ShelterPlus – Ukraine

Cultural Community Center SHELTER+ is a unique example of a non-profit institution in a provincial city in Eastern Ukraine, which was founded in 2002 by Christian young volunteers based on Bible’s principles and values. From that time Shelter+ has combined numerous long-term and one-time projects with different age groups, but focuses on the younger generation, helping children, teens and young people grow up as whole personalities who live a conscious life and are guided by God’s principles. They achieve this through: personal relationships, life example and activities of high quality. The team of Shelter+ has on its account [...]

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Collective Church

We are a new church in London, Ontario. There are almost 400,000 people living in the city of London. Yet there are over 100,000 people who still don’t know Jesus. More than just statistics, these numbers have names. They are our friends, our neighbours, our siblings, our parents and our family. More people are reached by starting new churches than any other way. So we want to build the kind of church that reaches them. We don’t want to wait for them to wander into church, but instead, create the kind of church that we can’t wait to [...]

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Berean Bible Fellowship

Our passion is the growth and discipleship of believers.  To make and train disciples who can make and train disciples.  To also share the love and hope of the gospel of Christ as the only way of salvation to a world in desperate need of this.  To reach the lost and add souls to the kingdom for the Glory of the One and Only God.  To make an impact through loving good works and wholesome living in the dark world around us with the clear and bright light of believers living as committed disciples to our Lord, which [...]

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City of Hope

About 1.5 Million Children  live on the streets in the Philippines. Being without a home leaves them to beg, steal and scavenge for food. About 20,000 of the street children prostitute themselves. These children and adolescents are at risk of HIV infection.  Efforts must be made to protect these children and provide them with at least ...basic needs. The poor are being forcibly ejected from their shelters to clear the way for the construction of new infrastructure without concern for the legal processes and requirements in the humane and peaceful relocation of the homeless poor. Many women and children are hurt and [...]

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New Gen Mission

Developing Africa by the Power of God through the Lord Jesus Christ and the Help of the Holy Spirit by raising up (through evangelism and discipleship) a new generation on fire for Jesus. This includes evangelistic outreaches, church plants, giving youth the opportunity to complete school (by offering help with school supplies/fees/uniforms/room/board, etc) while at the same time discipling them, establishing schools (Christ-centred/Bible- Based) and having fields of restoration (a place for people to come and be restored through prayer, counsel, discipleship; as well as gardens to help as opportunity arrises whether as income generation or giving to those [...]

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Peace At Last Ministries

Tens of millions of Pre-Boomers and Boomers [those born between 1930 and 1964] teeter on the precipice of what some are calling, “The Great Boomer Die-Off.” The tragedy of this demographic is that most will exit this world amidst the spiritual vacuum created by postmodernism and its sinister twin, fatalism. Such intellectual pathologies eviscerate life of meaning, leaving the Boomer generations to face their deaths without hope. Those at life’s end need to know the peace that comes from God Himself, e.g., the peace made by Jesus Christ when he died on the cross. “…we have peace with [...]

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Vidya Cambodia

My love affair with the Kingdom of Kampuchea (Cambodia) began in 2009 as a result of a short term missions trip. I am learning the Khmer language of my heart country in order to share Jesus’s heart of redemption, grace and love.   I am passionate about teaching English as a skill in order to equip the  students to secure legitimate jobs which would provide for a hopeful future. I am excited about relationships with students that began in 2011 and continue to grow.  Jesus the Christ has given me many opportunities in which I not only get to [...]

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Torchbearers Romania

Our mission is to share the Gospel with Romanian youth and adults in a relevant and creative way, and to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be motivated to serve. The International Community “Torchbearers: “Purtătorii de Făclie” is part of a larger community, Torchbearers International, with 26 Christian centers all over the world, offering a network of Bible Schools and distinctive programs in each country. Program Countries: Romania FGC # F485 Team Lead: Jerry and Chrissie Baker Team Members: Website: https://torchbearers.org/centres/purtatoriidefaclie/ https://pdf.ro/en/ Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/purtatorii.de.faclie/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BcFcBObn73y/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQkpAh6qN67fln7tCv0Ft6w https://youtu.be/q5wq68GmbRI Donate from USA: [...]

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Torchbearers Japan

Nestled at the foot of Mount Fuji, 1000m above sea level and walking distance from Lake Yamanaka is the home of Torchbearers Japan. Two comfortable facilities accommodating up to 80 people provide a warm welcome to guests year round. The delightful cuisine, magnificent vistas of Mount Fuji, and most importantly the spiritual ministry of this centre have made this a popular destination for church retreats, summer camps, mission groups, and youth ministries from around the Tokyo area and around the world. The Spring 8 week English speaking Bible school programme allows students to study God’s word and live [...]

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