The CREST Leadership Center is committed to helping adults find clarity at midlife, so their second half can be their best half. Research shows that your best contribution will likely come after the age of 40, but less than one third will find that significant contribution – most will flat-line or be frustrated in the second half of life. There is a critical window of opportunity that occurs at midlife, typically in your 40s and 50s, when you choose to intentionally pursue development, the success of your life is greatly improved.

Program Countries:


FGC # F012

Team Lead:

Dr. Dan Reinhardt

Team Members:

John Pritchard, Lead Facilitator of the Diploma in Christian Leadership
Mathew Peachment, Director of Marketing
Shawna Lepp, Executive Assistant
Cecil Cowie, Bookkeeper
Dr. Terry Young, Masters in Christian Leadership Program and Board Member
Eric Lowther, Board Member


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