COVID-19 Crisis Response

In East Africa, the CORONA SPRING may become a time of despair. So many people at risk hunger and even death. Although the number of infected persons is still low, we know that the COVID-19 crisis also has the potential to create a severe food security crisis in Africa. The region’s fragile health systems could quickly get overloaded in a widespread outbreak. FAO is particularly concerned about “the pandemic’s impacts on vulnerable communities already grappling with hunger or other crises such as the desert locust outbreak in the Horn of Africa”.  (sourced from: SCMP 19.04.20)

Fida International partners with local communities, churches, and NGOs in about 50 countries, and serves millions of people. We want to continue to spread hope and ensure the dignity of every person. We want to reflect the holistic and transformative mission of the Church by fulfilling the greatest commandment of loving our neighbor. We especially focus on the rights of vulnerable people groups, such as children and youth, people with disabilities, and minorities. Fida works with people living in refugee settlements and in crowded quarters, who are at high risk of being infected with COVID-19. We are therefore closely monitoring the situation and in constant contact with Fida’s team members, church partners, and health workers as they serve in East Africa.

Urgent Needs

The lockdowns may inflict severe economic pain on those unable to earn a living. The Government-imposed restrictions make it difficult for most people, who depend on day labour, to go out and earn a living. Many live hand-to-mouth, and coronavirus has only made the situation worse. The impact of coronavirus restrictions has left millions unable to earn a living and dependent on donations. Those living with disabilities are particularly dependent.

As people face the loss of incomes and potential hunger, we are keeping them informed using literature, radio, and TV. Fida is in continual contact with families, partners, and staff during the crisis. Our goal is to help people in East Africa by food distribution, providing sanitary and household products, giving out protective gear, and psychosocial support. We are helping families, Refugees, People living with disabilities (PWD), and internally displaced people living in IDP camps. The most urgent need is to provide food and essential items so that families persevere during this crisis.

Thank You For Your Prayers & Support

You have a chance to respond and provide support that will impact many people’s lives. The needs are great, while our funding has been significantly reduced. That’s why we need your help! Our goal is to raise $22,500 to help our brothers and sisters in East Africa. Please help us reach Our goal!  Together you and I can bring hope amid despair and love our neighbors by meeting their needs.

God bless you,   Lauri Sorila

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