COVID-19 Crisis Response

Five & Two Network is a global community of change makers and activists collaborating to fight poverty. We help vulnerable communities transform from the inside out. We get behind local groups who share our vision rather than hiring local people to run our programs. From formal organizations, to grassroots associations, we offer training and support with the goal of making our members effective and sustainable. Through the Five & Two Network, practitioners from over a dozen countries are collaborating together to help vulnerable communities reach their developmental goals. We are using our same ABCD Asset Based Community Development principles to empower these communities in the fight against COVID-19.

Front line COVID-19 workers in developing nations face incredible challenges compounded by existing vulnerabilities.  Extreme poverty, poor sanitation and lagging communication systems put these nations at a serious disadvantage in the fight against COVID-19.  Access to running water, soap and basic medical supplies is always lacking in these communities. During this time it is critical that supplies reach front line workers and community organisations so that they can mobilize resources to execute an effective COVID-19 response.

Urgent Needs

Our objective during the COVID-19 Crisis is to support our member organizations to do what they do best: advocate, organise and self mobilize. Our networks are applying best practises of our training in the fight against the pandemic. For example, in Congo, in a poor slum in Kinshasa, our partner Dr. Delphin Kapasa of the Bon Berger Clinic has carefully prepared his community for these times. He has mobilized over 30 community leaders, the ‘Chefs des Rues’ (Chiefs of the Streets), to prepare the public and advocate the government for greater responsiveness. Another example is our member organization in Lesotho; BBL (Basotho Building Lesotho) has been given government approval to enact Nationwide Covid-19 Strategy. BBL leader, Khotso Mokitimi, has been mobilizing volunteers to educate and prepare rural communities for COVID-19 prevention.

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Thank You For Your Prayers & Support

Our vision has always been to fight poverty with local vision and resources and this same vision applies to COVID-19 response in the developing world. When communities recognize their shared vision and are moved to mobilize their assets, our role is to simply grease the wheels that are already in motion.

We are asking you to GIVE so we can boost the efforts of our partners by contributing towards COVID-19 educational initiatives, Covid-19 prevention material, gloves, masks, gowns, soap hand sanitizers and basic protection supplies for clinic and outreach workers.

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