Five and Two Network represents a group of community builders and activists from around the World. All of our member organizations are focused on the extreme poor or otherwise vulnerable communities. Their development goals range broadly – from health and agriculture, to fair trade, social justice and entrepreneurship. What we all share is an appreciation for the values of “endogenous development”- community transformation from the inside-out.

We believe the most effective and sustainable development outcomes happen when the ideas, assets and actions come from within the community itself. Financial capital can be an effective tool for development, but can also foster dependency and contention. On the other hand, when communities are able to recognize God’s hand in their history, and take stock of all he has given them, there is a fundamental shift in their paradigm. Moving forward with renewed vision and agency, these communities begin to develop “social capital” which is the foundation for robust and lasting developmental outcomes.

By helping communities recognize and mobilize local assets (social, material, cognitive, physical, spiritual financial), we are able to achieve sustainable development outcomes that are envisioned and empowered by the local community itself.

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SE Asia, Africa and Latin America

FGC # F604

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Jamie Munday

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