Providing tools and training to communicate clearly the central message of the Bible.

Using a creation-to-the-cross overview of the Bible’s main message, GoodSeed’s materials help the Bible make profound and life-changing sense. Whether a person has been saved for 3 days or 33 years, GoodSeed resources can be instrumental in building confidence in the Word of God and boldness in faith.

Each tool is worldview sensitive, designed for people from Christianized, Islamic or Eastern backgrounds. Tools are designed to be given away like you would a gospel tract or you can sit down and use them to guide a Bible study.

GoodSeed produces resources for worldviews and language groups worldwide, with 60% of our outreach happening in creative-access countries.

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FGC # F584

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John and Janice Cross (Founder)

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Troy and Naomi Johnstone

Brigitte Bisson


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