His Hope Uganda began with nine children and a young woman with a desire to make a difference in the lives of Ugandans in 2007. Out of that simple beginning has grown an organization that now sponsors around 150 children in schools in the Jinja District and provides support through a number of initiatives to the families of the sponsored children. Our Mission: “To share the hope of Jesus with vulnerable children and their families by providing access to education, health care, and discipleship.” Our Vision: “To see Ugandan youth transformed by the love of God and living as disciples of Christ”​

Program Countries:


FGC # F256

Team Lead:

Kimi Toyota: Executive Field Director

Team Members:

Annet Kyalisiima:  Hospitality & Service Coordinator

Steven Musana:  Student & Family Support Worker

Shallom Banura:  Driver & Legislative Liaison

Kylee McPhedrain:  Director of Children’s Ministries



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