“Bringing the life of Jesus to the people; Bringing the people into the life of the church.” This is the vision statement of our church, The Life Center (TLC). Our purpose is to share the love and good news of Jesus with our friends and neighbors in Thailand and to invite them into a relationship with Jesus, and into the life of the church, in order to fulfill the Great Commission and see God’s kingdom grow. We pray for a vibrant church of followers of Jesus continually growing together as we worship, fellowship, grow as disciples, serve and evangelize. Currently, we have two worship gatherings each Sunday, English kids clubs to serve the community and for evangelism, and cell groups to make disciples. As our church continues to grow we envision TLC planting new churches and sending out and supporting missionaries to other countries.  Psalm 2:8

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FGC # F769

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Wanchai and Sara Fast Kumrod



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