Max and Lischa are serving in a rural area near the rapidly developing city of Gemena, in the North-West section of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This area is considered one of the poorest regions in the world.  It is steeped in extreme poverty along with having a high infant and maternal mortality rate. Congo is home to over 4 million orphans.

Lischa and Max are partnered with a domestic NGO: FOSASA – which works along side different international NGOs (ie: Congo Voice, Opportunity International).  All of these NGOs aim to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in the area through various projects. FOSASA runs an orphanage which is fighting the orphan crisis by caring for the 80+ vulnerable children at Mama Sabuli’s Children’s Centre, addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing while raising and equipping young leaders. At the same time FOSASA supports agricultural, educational and medical projects that are centered around restoring hope and opportunity to the Congolese people.

Max and Lischa firmly believe in a ‘give-and-take’ approach to ministry as described in 2 Corinthians 8.  They believe that while there is great material wealth in many western nations, there is also great lack. Only a humble and open partnership will allow for an exchange that benefits both parties and brings true equality to all – along with much needed reconciliation.

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FGC # F748

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Lischa Woodley (MacCallum)

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Max Woodley


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