Once considered the world’s only Hindu kingdom not too many years ago, Nepal is now home to one of the fastest growing Christian churches worldwide. Timothy Dahal and his team have been at the forefront of this growth as the Lord has poured out his favour to the people of Nepal.

This work was started in Kathmandu and in a few short years has spread to 13 branches in rural Nepal. The needs are many with the primary goal being the sharing of the Gospel and spiritual transformation from a very spiritually dark environment. There are still many areas in Nepal that have not heard the gospel.

Due to a few natural disasters, especially the huge earthquake of 2015, a Home has been built to provide for 30 orphaned children and the physical needs of many locals.

New Day Nepal is in partnership with Timothy’s team to allow assistance as they grow, are trained, educated and matured in their new walk until they become self-supporting in their outreach.

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FGC # F640

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Bill Paton & Timothy Dahal

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