Ntungo Noble Projects is a nonprofit charitable initiative dedicated to providing poverty relief for the people of Mwambezi village in Zambia. Mwambezi village is located 12 km south-west of Mbala town on Chitimbwa Road and 1000 km from Lusaka the Capital City of Zambia. Poverty at Mwambezi village is manifested in lack of basic human needs. There is lack of a school, lack of healthcare, lack of safe water supply, lack of decent housing, lack of food security and lack of environment protection. The mission of Ntungo Noble Projects is to lift the people of Mwambezi village out of poverty through education, food security, health and housing. Ntungo Noble accepts donations from persons who believe in child education and poverty relief and choose to be friends of Mwambezi village.

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FGC # F796

Team Lead:

Dr. Chrispin Ntungo

Team Members:

Chipalo Simunyola

Yolanda Chitohwa

Mirriam Savanhu

John Mwaba

Grace Ntungo



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