One Heart advocates and fights for vulnerable babies who have fallen through the cracks and who would otherwise end up abandoned. We will fight for their best physical, emotional, and spiritual future. The job ahead to see this change requires passion and knowledge of many things: orphan care, adoption, trauma, attachment/growth and development; as well as leadership skills and basic administrative know how.  One Heart will open an orphanage as a safe refuge and loving home for Taiwan’s most vulnerable children, including (but not limited to) babies who have been abused, neglected, or born with a medical condition.

Pouring Jesus LOVE into the broken cracks of the world by caring for the most vulnerable babies. We want be a team of people who put on our hero capes and becomes hero’s to the ones who have no hero! Please join us by liking our page and reading our posts. You are a champion too.

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FGC # F757

Team Lead:

Holly Hoste (Muir)

Team Members:

Kala Wock

Peyton Farmer


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