COVID-19 Crisis Response

Right now in Tanzania, there are 200 albino children aged 5-12 in protective custody at Mitindo School.

Cement walls 8ft high, bars and an armed guard keep them safe as they are targets. Why? Witch doctors believe a body part of an albino will bring great wealth. They are taken and usually murdered.

Urgent Needs


– The school is shut, but these children remain.

– Generous people from Italy were helping to support their needs. That support has stopped.

– The Tanzanian government has refused to help, due to a lack of funds.

Thank You For Your Prayers & Support

Will you help protect and provide for these children? Please join us in praying for their protection and safety. We also ask for your financial support so we can continue to provide them shelter, food, and security that is desperately needed. To provide for these special kids is difficult at the best of times, now we face added hardship due to the restrictions implemented as a result of COVID-19. Our goal is to raise $10,000. Thank you for your support and heart to help these albino children who are some of the most vulnerable in Tanzania. Please donate and be part of the care solution.

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