Cultural Community Center SHELTER+ is a unique example of a non-profit institution in a provincial city in Eastern Ukraine, which was founded in 2002 by Christian young volunteers based on Bible’s principles and values. From that time Shelter+ has combined numerous long-term and one-time projects with different age groups, but focuses on the younger generation, helping children, teens and young people grow up as whole personalities who live a conscious life and are guided by God’s principles. They achieve this through: personal relationships, life example and activities of high quality.

The team of Shelter+ has on its account hundreds of vivid events, international projects, concerts, camps, mountain hikes, trainings, and different classes on development for children and youth. The team pays special attention to those who face challenges to survive and develop in our society – from orphans to people with disabilities.

Shelter+ is focused on supporting three main charitable mission outreach projects. Each of them is particularly unique.

“Penuel”— This youth outreach program (the name from Hebrew means “in front of God’s face”) was founded in 2005. There are about 200 people of all ages, from 3 years old and older are involved, among which there is a girl’s group. The goal of the club is to present the gospel, show an example of mature Christian life in the community through: personal life example, to model and teach serving others and God, and to show a clear testimony of changing lives. All events include a devotional time and a time to coach youth in a developing personal relationship with Jesus and to develop healthy relationships with others. Along with developing whole personalities while positively influencing the society in Kryvyi Rih and Ukraine.

“Compass” is a Social-Christian ministry platform for orphans and children from families in crisis. The volunteer team of 50 people works every week with about 120 children of all ages in different orphanages including those who have already graduated from the orphanage. Compass has the project “Bag of Goodness” and every year gather more than 600 personal gifts for all the orphans and children from crisis families in the city. One of the main focus of Compass’ work is Mentorship program that can help to build long-term and personal relationships with kids in orphanages and after graduation. This program is based on a new Ukrainian law and requires big advocacy and legal work as well as qualified preparation of people who can become mentors for the orphans. Compass ministry wants children who grew up without parents and therefore do not have a concept of strong relationships to know their heavenly Father through relationships with committed Christians.

“Better Together” is an inclusive performing art project aimed at developing cooperation and building relationships between people with disabilities and without. Through this project we strive to provide young people with disabilities access to art while bringing together the community at the same time. Today, there is a group of 30 people who are involved in weekly creative activities. where they together create a performance that is shown to big audience and just get to know each other and spend good time. For most of the participants with disabilities this project is the only opportunity to go out of home and to feel they are a necessary and important part of society.

Program Countries:

Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

GCF # 711

Team Lead:

Oleksandr & Olesia Romanch (Shelter Plus Ukraine Directors)

Team Members:

Gerald Huebner (Canadian Board Advisor)


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