TEASPOON MINISTRY is a charitable organization established in the Joliette region of Quebec with the aim of promoting a popular education toward individual development and community social development. Sunday evenings, a free meal of soup and a sandwich is offered to the poor in the community. During the evening, musical, theatrical or other artistic performances are presented. Well-selected speakers communicate essential values of human life, and Christian values and the spiritual aspect is emphasized. Mentors work with individuals to assist in their personal life journey. They also work with the prison to help reintegrate those returning to the community, or those required to do community or compensatory work.

Just opened is the Mosaic Café, that will offer snacks and light meals to allow the poorer clientele to meet with friends and enjoy a place to meet and eat at a small cost. This also offers opportunities for employment to those ministered to by Teaspoon Ministry, and eventually will provide a source of income for the ministry.

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Quebec, Canada

FGC # F540

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Francois Verschelden
Lyne Lamarche

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