Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions is developing and empowering African leaders. Because real change, effective change, comes from within.

Our Mission

Use a Christ-centered approach to develop, connect, and equip emerging and executive leaders who have the passion and vision to transform their institutions, organizations, and communities across Africa.

Our Impact Model

Kurumbuka uses high-level leadership training to advance transformative solutions for African communities by multiplying impact at every step. Our impact model is reinforced by our commitment to biblical truth, servant leadership, an abundant community, and asset-based community development.

The Kurumbuka impact model includes the following four phases:

  1. Empower Leaders: Develop an emerging or executive leader
  2. Connect Influencers: Connect the leader to a faith-based network of like-minded difference-makers
  3. Multiply Solutions: Equip the leader with tools and resources that will multiply impact in their community
  4. Realize Dreams: 10,000 leaders implement transformative and sustainable solutions for their communities and countries by 2030.

Program Countries:

Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

FGC # F1030

Team Lead:

Richard Taylor

Team Members:

Phocas Ngendahayo

Jordan Koslowsky



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