Are you a Registered Charity?
Yes, Friends of The Great Commission is a qualified public charity described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, EIN # 46-5506318. All donations are processed in US funds. Your donation acknowledgement will be emailed to your email address as provided. Questions? Please call 1-855-488-7020 or email:

What does Friends of The Great Commission do?
Our main purpose is to join with people, ministries, and projects in order to help fulfill “the great commission” as defined in the gospel of Matthew in the Bible. Our mandate as registered with IRS is as follows:

  • advancement of the Christian faith
  • advancement of education
  • relief of poverty

What services does Friends of the Great Commission provide?
We provide administrative and compliance services for organizations and individuals. This includes processing donations, disbursement of funds, IRS filings, as well as providing an income tax-deductible acknowledgement to donors.

How many agents do you have?
Our parent organization, The Great Commission Foundation, presently has over 370 Agents in Canada and around the world with annual revenues of $28 million (2018). Friends of the Great Commission has over 60 Agents.

Do we sign a contract?
No contracts, just agreements that we work together as long as both parties agree. Either party can terminate the agreement at any time.

What is your financial accountability?
Friends is audited by the Archer Halliday, P.S. in Bellingham, WA.

What is your legal accountability?
The Foundation uses the services of two charity specialist lawyers with offices in Vancouver and Colorado Springs.

What if I have contributors in Canada?
The Foundation has a registered public foundation in Canada, The Great Commission Foundation, which serves Canadian donors and agents. Through an agency agreement, these funds are transferred to the US for the use of the US agent.