Multi-nation Missions Foundation is known as MMF, a non-denominational, evangelical and cross-cultural ministry organization. It was organized in 1985 for the purposes of ministering the Gospel to various people in various countries, helping in humanitarian ways such as alleviating poverty and assisting those who are lacking educational opportunities.  At the present time, MMF works with many agents in several countries in Ukraine, Africa, North and South America, Central America, the Caribbean, as well as in South Asia. MMF is a missions organization that serves in administrative, caring, supervisory and directing functions for those who don’t have a mission they are attached to.

Our Mandate: MMF is committed to supporting national missionaries at home and abroad, who are engaged in spreading the Good news of Jesus Christ, both in word and indeed.

We focus our efforts on preaching the gospel, providing humanitarian services for those in poverty, danger, and ill health, and training leaders who will lead the church forward into the future. We engage with ministry partners around the world who are proclaiming the good news of Jesus through relief and development, educational services, and teaching the word of God.

We bring hope to the unreached and those in need!

Program Countries:

Ukraine, Africa, North America, South America, Central America, Carribean, and South Asia

FGC # F726

Team Lead:

Helmut Wiens – Executive Director

Team Members:

Chris Wiens – Co-Director


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