Serve to Empower Africa is a faith-based ministry that operates in Kenya (Africa). There are many families whose ability to afford even the most basic life sustaining goods and services is below the known bare minimum levels.  Serve to Empower Africa’s vision is to enable families encounter God’s love and care by participating in providing a foundation on which they can grow and thrive. Such a foundation is built around potentials and opportunities available to the family and working towards converting them into life sustaining avenues that improves the well-being of the family both physically and spiritually.  We partner with Churches and existing social and economic groups in the village to identify needy families and connect them to available opportunities through a suitable and agreeable intervention for each unique family situation. Our key focus areas in family empowerment are Entrepreneurship mentorship, Education (both access and retention in schools), Family health and hygiene, Water and sanitation, Men empowerment activities as well as church to family connection.

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FGC # F755

Team Lead:

Andrew Guuru

Team Members:

David Ngunyi
Catherine Muiruri,
Simon Kahora
David Murai
John Mwangi


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