GCF provides Canadian Charity expertise to serve your Canadian supporters.

Is your US ministry or project interested in:

  • Receipting Canadian Donors
  • Expanding your ministry in Canada
  • Administrative Services including Payroll & Benefits for your Canadian employees

We saved tens of thousands of dollars and a great deal of administration hassle by outsourcing our financial management to a very cost-effective and experienced organization that already had official charity status.

We can now put all our energy and focus on our actual mission, not administration.

In our five years of partnership with GCF we have been greatly served by their professional and team-oriented approach to financial administration.

Dave and Janna McPhee ,

All GCF personnel have been supportive, helpful and so exemplary of a great organization.

Leona Peters, Life Discipleship Ministries

I can say it is fast, easy, and trust-able to work with GCF…I am so pleased with GCF for being willing to serve my nation, my country and community especially the Center. It can’t grow without GCF.

Sinath Chay, The Center

Being in the field has its challenges. We count on the Great Commission Foundation for many of our needs. They help us to stay focused on what matters most for the local church, while they focus on our administrative, financial and compliance requirements. We are grateful for this partnership.

Kary and Darcy Cuthill, Mission Yucatan

GCF has been a godsend for us as we seek to grow our organization’s impact in Central & Eastern Europe. As a relatively new organization we have leaned heavily on their expertise and guidance when it comes to dealing with CRA regulations, finances, and back office structures. We have found the GCF staff to be knowledgeable, competent, and willing to serve us in any way they can. We are thankful for their partnership with Josiah Venture and happy to recommend them to you.

Gord Nickerson, Josiah Venture Canada

The Great Commission Foundation has been such a huge gift to Mackie’s Place. When you are pioneering a new ministry there are so many things to do it can be overwhelming. GCF has enabled us to focus on the things that are closest to our hearts: loving kids, training and supporting our volunteers, developing quality programming etc., all the while, allowing us to have peace of mind that all the financial, administrative and CRA pieces are being handled efficiently and integrally.

Bobbi-Rhea Mackie, Mackie’s Place

The Great Commission Foundation is a tremendous blessing to those of us on the front lines overseas. They, along with our sending churches and supporters, are “holding the ropes” back home–and they do it with excellence! And, it seems they are always working to improve and make things easier for us and our donors. They ensure that our donations, receipts, health insurance, and the like are taken care of; allowing us to focus on what we need to do on the field. I highly recommend their organization and their helpful caring staff.

Laura Stewart, Onelife2024/World Harvest Mission Uganda

Each project is responsible for their fundraising efforts.