We were inspired today during our meeting with Great Commission Foundation partners at El Camino in Guaymas, Mexico.

El Camino’s presence in the state of Sonoma has been an important one for many years. Through the Saturday morning children’s ministry, El Camino has seen the Lord’s healing hand both physically and socially. Through the teaching of the Gospel, they have inspired children to believe in what God has planned for their lives, inspiring mothers and fathers to reject lives that can be filled with hurt and violence and embrace Christ’s desire for healthy families.

In 2009 the region was affected deeply by a tragic fire at a local daycare. Over 40 children lost their lives and about 75 others suffered severe burns and injuries. El Camino responded wonderfully to that tragedy and has also invited the Holy Spirit into that community to heal the social and spiritual wounds that tragic event left in its wake.

The Burn Camps welcome any child in the area who has suffered physical burns. The theme of the weekend retreats is that many people have scars on the outside, but all of us have scars on the inside. Christ, whose human body was also scarred, has provided eternal healing to everyone from their internal scars and freedom from the sin that produces those scars.

What a beautiful message of hope. May the Holy Spirit continue to find open hearts to hear about the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Great Commission Foundation (GCF) is honoured to partner with El Camino in Guaymas, Mexico.